Time Capsule #11

I'll never touch the amount of shows a guy like Willie Nelson has played, but I have seen my fair share of interesting venues. Take this one in Racine, WI, on Silver Scooter's first tour ever in 1997. We were zigzagging our way from Austin, TX, through the Midwest, over to NYC, and back through the Southeast. Some shows were better than others in terms of attendance, and some were better than others in terms of quality. I don't know about you, but I'll take quality over quantity any day, even if quality doesn't always fill the gas tank.

We rolled into Racine on a weeknight or maybe even a Sunday to play the basement of a Lutheran church. No marquee at all. And no green room. Sounds like a blast, doesn't it? Not when your goal is to play the local bar or all-ages club where everyone wants to be. So, here I am methodically tuning my guitar for all of about seven kids, thinking to myself, “Is this what our tour is going to be like?" We blast through a few opening numbers, and one of these kids asks, “Can you play ‘Cup and String'?” At the time, this was a track only available on one of our 7" records. In other words, this kid was a fan.

How did we end up playing the basement of a Lutheran church in Racine, WI? It was likely the case that other bands passed along contact information for someone in Racine. These tours we did were all before the internet was used to help make connections. No booking agent was going to take on a fledgling band like ours. We were on our own. Tom Hudson, our drummer, had a binder full of contacts. When you don't want to drive three hundred miles to the next gig, you have to ask yourself, “What's in between? Anything?” There's always a Racine, WI.

Like I said, this gig didn't put gas in the tank, but it did fuel our sense of purpose. We always played our hearts out.

Here's the album version of “Cup and String.” 

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