Anatomy of a Song Post #3

Phase I: Here's the beginning of a new song for you called, “Feel Small.” Like most, it began with a basic iPhone recording to capture the moment. One of my kids and I were camping in the Westy. I sat in the front swivel seat with my baritone ukulele, strumming and working out the words to something I had started the previous week. Suddenly, I heard my kid's voice, resembling one of my favorite Casio keyboards. Besides marveling at how easily harmony came to them, I thought, "That sounds damn good." We recorded it immediately, capturing the moment. Listen here (track 3).

Phase II: We both agreed that the long instrumental aspect of the song was super rad. However, we didn't know how to tie it all together. After camping, I continued to work on it, ensuring there was space in the song for their part, whether it be vocal or on the keyboard. This is how it sounded when I returned from camping. Listen here (track 4).

Phase III: I started recording the song the other day while still being careful not to fill it up too much. My focus was mainly on getting the ukulele down with a good feeling tempo, recording some bass, and adding a vocal. I ended up re-singing this one several times and adding a harmony every other line. I also added a touch of electric rhythm guitar and some rudimentary drumming. Listen here (track 5).

I'm really curious about this song. It's called “Feel Small.” I bought a t-shirt at a skateboard shop several years ago. On it was, “Don't let anyone make you feel small.” Will the long instrumental section pay off, or will it feel too lengthy? Will my kid sing their part, or will it be played on a keyboard? Only time will tell.

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