June Song: World Leader Pretend (R.E.M.) 

I was recently going through boxes of shit in the garage. You know the drill. "Hmm, I wonder what's in this one labeled 'office drawer?'" Well I found something pretty exciting and that is a CD labeled "Silver Scooter Master CD May 1998 8-Track recorded at Tom's with Dave."

Tom could only mean Tom Hudson, drummer. And Dave could only mean Dave McNair, longtime Silver Scooter collaborator, producer, engineer, and dear friend. One song jumped out at me immediately--"World Leader Pretend." It was at that moment I realized what I was holding. 

When we got together to record in Tom's home it was to try out my newly purchased Tascam 388 recorder, capture some new songs, and record R.E.M.'s beautiful song from their 1989 album Green. I had become obsessed with the song when it was released during my sophomore year of high school. I remember we were studying world history, specifically WWI. I honestly thought the lyrics could have been about WWI. Hearing Stipe sing, "I decree a stalemate, I recognize the weapons..." made me think this.

"World Leader Pretend" was recorded by Silver Scooter for a compilation that never came to be. Bummer too, because being on an R.E.M. tribute album would have been amazing. This track also features Dave on slide guitar and kalimba. John Hunt on bass. Tom Hudson on drums. And yours truly singing and playing guitar.

Here are the songs on this CD I discovered. 

1. If Nonsense Only Knew (originally released on a 4-song 7" compilation "Self-Portrait" on Permafrost Records)

2. Morning View (originally released on a split 7" with Tiara on Voice of the Sky Records)

3. So Long (unreleased)

4. Tribute To The Phone Calls (unreleased)

5. World Leader Pretend (unreleased)

I'm always excited to discover unreleased material by Silver Scooter. Perhaps there's more to find?

I will eventually get this little collection on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, etc. For now, I'm only offering it through my campaign to release my latest solo album, Scott Garred. When I reach my goal of $2500, all contributors to the campaign will receive these songs free. 

Click the link to learn more. LPs are $25 postage paid in the United States making this essentially a pre-sale. Also included are outtakes from the recording sessions.

Here's what you are getting for $25 

1. LP (postage paid, overseas add $20),

2. 5 outtakes not on the LP,

3. 5 Silver Scooter tracks mentioned above

One last thing. If we do make it to $2500 I will be personally kicking in extra dollars for custom splatter-colored vinyl. My treat! 

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