Time Capsule Post #12

I've been working on new music lately. When I'm close to finishing something, I like to review my past releases to ensure my current work measures up.

In 2018, I wrote and released one song per month, leading to interesting…

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Time Capsule #11

I'll never touch the amount of shows a guy like Willie Nelson has played, but I have seen my fair share of interesting venues. Take this one in Racine, WI, on Silver Scooter's first tour ever in 1997. We were…

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Anatomy of a Song Post #3

Phase I: Here's the beginning of a new song for you called, “Feel Small.” Like most, it began with a basic iPhone recording to capture the moment. One of my kids and I were camping in the Westy. I sat…

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Time Capsule #10 

No, I didn't plan for post number ten to coincide with Super XX Man's Vol. X. It's just a cool, random bit of truth. I'm writing this today because I just got off the phone with my good friend, Chad…

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Time Capsule Post #8

I don't believe there has ever been a bigger supporter of my music than Willamette Week, especially its former music editor, Amy McCullough. She once accompanied Super XX Man all the way to Austin, TX, for exclusive SXSW coverage. I'll…

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Time Capsule Post #7

My first gig in San Francisco was with Silver Scooter at the Bottom of the Hill in 1997. We had just released our debut album, "The Other Palm Springs," and completed a successful tour through the East and Midwest. Back…

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Carnation Post #1 

Before I get a few grinds in at the skatepark, I thought I would share a not-so-quick story with you. 

I was trying to login to the Super XX Man “artist” profile on Spotify the other day so I could…

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Time Capsule Post #6 

Yesterday, I opened the closet door in my music studio. Holy crap! More memorabilia; and the worst kind of memorabilia - physical copies of just about every record I've ever made, including original cassette tapes of Super XX Man Vol.

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Time Capsule Post #5

I've always loved opening the daily or weekly newspaper and finding a review of one of my albums. LOL, I believe these are the only two ever written for Super XX Man Vol. XIII White Bed. I loved this version…

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Anatomy of a Song Post #2

As mentioned earlier, I've been working on new songs. A few weeks ago, I shared a snippet titled “Journey Begins.” One of the toughest parts of songwriting often revolves around committing to a structure and finalizing the lyrics. Typically, once…

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Time Capsule Post #4 

Jeff and I at the skatepark in Seattle, March 2022

I found something in the digital laundry bin the other day. It's a song called “Stove” by Eric's Trip, as covered by Jeff Albertson and me. I seem to recall…

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