May Song: Day Without Contact 

I'm skipping my usual "New Songs" format to bring you this announcement.

I've just finished a new album and it's time to get it in your hands and on to your turn tables. Please help me send it off to the record pressing plant. Consider this a pre-sale.  


While I do feel that every album I make is worth sharing, I don't necessarily feel that every album I make is worthy of the best possible format, which in my opinion is the LP. This one is worthy for many reasons.  

This album features sounds I've used before but never quite like this. Every sound has a purpose. A guitar or ukulele may provide the basic structure but what makes each song come to life is left to the piano, drums, bass, distorted bass, melodica, vintage Casio keyboards, and vocal harmonies.  

Collaborating with me on this album is Kelly Atkins. She's quite a fixture in the Bay Area music scene (perhaps you know Kitka or 20 Minute Loop?) She can make her voice sound like buzzing insects swarming around your head. Perhaps you like the theremin or the singing saw? She does it all folks.  

My hope is that these songs will inspire you to think deeply about some of the world's issues. Walk in the shoes of a mass shooter. Shake hands with artificial intelligence. Think about climate change the same way you think about your own mother with dementia.  

What's needed  

Through this campaign I'm hoping to raise money to manufacture the LPs and mail them to supporters. I am not asking for any financial assistance in producing the music. That part is done.  

The reality is this album will never be in a local store. This is our shot people. Let's do it. 

Click here to view the campaign.

Anyone curious what will become of this song, "Day Without Contact?" Help me make sure it gets on the record.


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