World Premier Video: "Dementia/Blue"

I'm very pleased to share this brand new video created by my friend and collaborator, Kelly Atkins. The video features some archival public domain footage along with me providing music therapy services with Ann, a person who was living with dementia. It is the first of hopefully more videos from my brand new self-titled album, which will be released later this year. The album also features Kelly singing utterly beautiful and strange vocal harmonies. This album marks our debut collaboration.

The song is titled "Dementia/Blue" because it relates living with dementia to climate change. I picture our planet losing its memory just as a person with dementia does. 

Artwork by Nadine Garred

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"Dementia/Blue Sky" Lyrics:

Close your eyes and laugh 

Close your eyes and smile a little longer 

Close your mouth and shout 

Close your mouth and sing a little longer 

Think of the blue sky and dream 

Be the world 


Be the world in ways you can remember 

Lose yourself 


Lose yourself 

Surrender anyway            

Think of the blue sky 

And dream

I was Ann's music therapist for a little over a year. She and I worked together until she passed away in 2018. She was a beautiful and amazing woman and her enthusiasm for life never left her. I want to thank her family for allowing me to use this footage.  

If you ever have questions about music therapy please don't hesitate to ask. You can also learn more by visiting The American Music Therapy Association website.