Scott Songs: January 2018

Song: Everybody Knows This Year

This song was written on New Year's Eve 2017, for many a 'crummy old year.' For me it was one filled with love and joy and everything good. Enjoy!

Technical Specs


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San Francisco Community Radio

I just have to say I really appreciate community radio. I have had the pleasure of being on the radio many times in my life and I'll just say that my first visit to San Francisco Community Radio was my…

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Neil Young Book Review: Special Deluxe

Reading this book was like taking a road trip in a shitty car down a shitty highway with the most eccentric and creative person living today. Expect car trouble. Just don't expect this drive to alter your life. 

Special Shipping Deal for International Fans

Dear overseas fans,

As a token of my affection for your ears and because outrageous postal rates should not get in the way of my love for you, I have a special shipping offer. You can receive my new…

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Brand new double 7" out now!

I finally cracked open a large box of personal recordings that I had been carrying around.  I discovered some cassettes marked Home Recordings Oct. and Dec. 1997.  I selected a tape from the pile, put it in my Yamaha MT4X…

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Live at Liberty Lunch

Silver Scooter Live at Liberty Lunch March 1997 

I click the play button on my old 4-Track and hear the crowd. I hear John’s voice and Tom’s sticks. I hear my old guitar being tuned by my 24-year old…

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Personal Theme Song

I have begun recording sessions in my 1991 VW Westfalia camper I call Ocean View Shangri-la.  She's a good machine.  I spent New Year's Eve under a canopy of clear constellations on the edge of the continent somewhere around Bolinas…Read more

Georgia, by the sea... here's to you

I journeyed to Austin, TX on 10/15 with about 30 songs.  It was a rough go at first.  My flight leaving San Francisco was scheduled to leave at 6:15pm and supposed to be arriving by midnight.  In reality I left…Read more