April song: High and Lonesome 

Shot on iPhone 7

"These are my thoughts as I climb to the top. With a sack full of bullets and a head that won't stop." 

It was difficult to write these words. It was even more difficult to sing…

March song: Just get clean 

Shot on iPhone X by Nadine Garred

Song: Just get clean

I imagine addiction is a thing ticking away, relentless in the way it runs through your day. It’s like a Casiotone beat that wakes you up and begs you…

February song: AIOU 

Shot on iPhone XIII by Nadine Garred

Song: AIOU

"Robot, I'd like you to meet Tree."  

"Tree, this is Robot. He's gonna be in charge from now on."


I look at you and I see 

That you are real 

January Song: Pick-up truck 

Shot on iPhone 8

Song: Pickup Truck 

Hello and welcome back to my regular song blog. 2020 will be a year dedicated to sharing new music, culminating in a brand new album. Ideas for my new songs came from an…

Australia: Super XX Man Talk About 

Super XX Man Vol. XVI Talk About

Overall, my time spent making music in Australia was amazing. I received a lot of support in Melbourne, for which I'm very thankful. Sorta Heavy Metal (see previous post) was featured many times…

Australia: Super XX Man Sorta Heavy Metal 

Sorta Heavy Metal, Milk! Records, released 2012

In 2011 I moved with my family to Melbourne, Australia. It was there I met Peter Joseph Head and Hannah O'Keefe. Peter, a gifted multi-instrumentalist, and Hannah, voice of an angel, both helped…

True Love Has Found You Daniel Johnston 

Photo by Tyler Mallory, 2016

I received a phone call one night when I lived in Austin, TX. It must have been around 1997 or 1999 even. Honestly, I can't really remember. I do know I was planning a little…


I'm so glad I'm here 

I have been fortunate to land where I am today; as a person, a man, a father, a husband, a songwriter, and music therapist, I am right here. As far as music goes, now and then I like to look…

newness and collaboration

While I definitely have enough old punk material to close out 2019, I just don't feel like sharing it anymore. So, thanks for listening and downloading the Raspberry stuff. Other old bands I was in will have to stay…

Raspberry with Phil Ek Part III 

                                      Photos by Tom's brother, Steve Hudson, taken at Crazy Horse, all ages club, in Boise, ID likely around 1993                                              

From the click of the drummer's sticks to the last fade out, music is about discovery, joy, energy, and…

Raspberry with Phil Ek Part II

While I have no memory of the setlist played by Raspberry, I'm quite sure we would have played this rocker called William T. Ryker (yes, I know that's the wrong spelling). We played a lot of house shows back in…

Raspberry with Phil Ek Part I

Maybe we were in pursuit of our version of anthemic punk, emotional discord, or simply the right party to play at. I don't know what we were searching for, but I do know we loved the music we made…