Song 14: "Cast a shadow" 

I count myself lucky to have seen Beat Happening, an arty trio of raw self-expression, in concert. I was still in high school making frequent trips to Pullman, WA and Moscow, ID to skateboard and experience my first live music…

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Song 13: "One of us" 

"One of Us" was written by Eric Bazillian and performed by Joan Osborn for her 1995 debut album called Relish. It gives us the idea that God is just a "stranger on the bus trying to make His way home."…

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Song 12: "Anyone that you love" 

While I'm usually one to research an artist I admire, I must admit that I know very little about Bill Fox. He is a songwriter from Ohio and I think of him as Cleveland's Bruce Springsteen, if all Springsteen…

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Song 11: "Rhymes and Reasons" 

My most John Denver pose, photo by Christina

Me: (Listening to John Denver) "That John Denver's no joke."

Wife: (Trying not to listen to John Denver) "You do love yourself some John Denver."

Do you love John Denver's music or…

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Song 10 "Skull" 

There used to be such thing as a "Fall" album. My friends and I believed in this. We would be walking around campus, new autumn leaves on the ground, with a chill in the air, and a new album by…

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Song 8: "I wanna be sedated" 

I had the best time last weekend on my winter vacation. I met up with my childhood friend, Chris Gage. He and I met when I was still in junior high. I've looked up to Chris pretty much from the…

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Song 6: "Rolling in the deep" by Adele 

Over the years I have developed a way to play my Gibson Les Paul Standard with just one hand. I turn the amp up, add a little bit of a CompTORTION pedal, and I simply find the melody and enjoy…

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Song 5: "Twin Falls" by Built to Spill 

When I was in the band Raspberry (1992-1994) with Tom and Shawn (pictured above), we traveled often to Boise, ID. It didn't seem to matter if we played at a bar or all ages venue; we always had a chance…

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