Song 31: "San Francisco Patrol" 

I have lived in San Francisco for about seven years, so I figured it was time I shared a song that describes a bit of the city. Not much to say about this little gem by Robyn Hitchcock. "San Francisco…

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Song 30: "Rabbit Box" 

I will be performing "Rabbit Box" by the late great Vic Chesnutt this Saturday (tomorrow) during Summer House Concert #2. I will stream it on FB here. Show is 4pm PST. I will be playing a couple Silver Scooter…

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Song 29: "In Memory of Elizabeth Cotton" 

When I was 16, I traveled with my friend Dan to see Firehose at Crazy Horse in Boise, ID. Imagine our disappointment when we showed up and we were told, "Sorry guys. Show's sold out." I explained that we bought…

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Song 28: "Green Mind" 

I remember sitting in my beige 1985 Subaru GL Wagon when I popped this CD in the player for the first time. I was sitting outside my high school. I had already heard the fabulous track one, "The Wagon,"…

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Song 27: "Paparrazi" 

Still a few chairs left at this first house show. 

Ask me about the time Lady Gaga showed up to perform at a Super XX Man fundraiser at the Alberta Street Pub, Portland, OR around 2009. 

Song 26: "Story of Isaac" 

The late and remarkable Leonard Cohen wrote "Story of Isaac," originally released on Songs From a Room (1969). According to the Bible, God asked Abraham to take his son, Isaac, to the top of a mountain and sacrifice him…

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Song 25: "Streets of Baltimore" 

Me outside the Joshua Tree Inn where Gram Parsons died in room #8 (photo: Russ Wightman)

"Streets of Baltimore" is a song written by Tompall Glaser and Harlan Howard in 1966. My favorite version is by the late…

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Song 24: "How To Rent a Room" 

"How To Rent a Room," was written by the late David Berman of the band, Silver Jews. My recording is a tribute to a brilliant songwriter who left the world too soon. I believe I have a lyric or…

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Song 22: "You Shook Me" 

Pictured left to right: Nolan, me, and Liam - photo by Kelly

This week's song is "You Shook Me," by AC/DC, featuring my nephews, Nolan and Liam, playing drums, bass, and guitar. My sister Kelly has dubbed them…

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Song 21: "I Will" 

When I was a boy, living in Clarkston, WA. we had a neighbor kid that, looking back, was very creative. He was older and influenced me and my siblings in various ways. We played a lot of "army" in the…

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Song 20: "All Smiles and Mariachi" 

Of course, all the songs I'm sharing are by some of my all-time favorite artists. Close to the top of this list, however, is the Nashville band, Lambchop, who was once dubbed "new Nashville." Lambchop's 1996 Merge Records release…

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