Rocktober song: Jump (Van Halen cover) 

I realize I already shared this song back in 2018 when I made it, but we just lost one of the great innovators of the guitar. Rest in peace, Eddie Van Halen. You will be missed.

Admittedly, I never learned…

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September song: "Just get clean" 

Artwork by Nadine Garred

Here is the final album mix of "Just get clean." It's also the most recent single from the forthcoming album Scott Songs Vol. II, which is due out Nov. 21. I was originally inspired to write…

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July Song: "Cast a Spell" cover by some friends 

New music for you! Kind of...

I received the following email from a fan:

"Hopefully this is still your correct email and you receive this. My friend Cordon and I have been using this quarantine time to try out

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World Premier Video: "Dementia/Blue"

I'm very pleased to share this brand new video created by my friend and collaborator, Kelly Atkins. The video features some archival public domain footage along with me providing music therapy services with Ann, a person who was living…

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June Song: World Leader Pretend (R.E.M.) 

I was recently going through boxes of shit in the garage. You know the drill. "Hmm, I wonder what's in this one labeled 'office drawer?'" Well I found something pretty exciting and that is a CD labeled "Silver Scooter Master…

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May Song: Day Without Contact 

I'm skipping my usual "New Songs" format to bring you this announcement.

I've just finished a new album and it's time to get it in your hands and on to your turn tables. Please help me send it off to…

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April song: High and Lonesome 

Shot on iPhone 7

"These are my thoughts as I climb to the top. With a sack full of bullets and a head that won't stop." 

It was difficult to write these words. It was even more difficult to sing…

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March song: Just get clean 

Shot on iPhone X by Nadine Garred

Song: Just get clean

I imagine addiction is a thing ticking away, relentless in the way it runs through your day. It’s like a Casiotone beat that wakes you up and begs you…

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February song: AIOU 

Shot on iPhone XIII by Nadine Garred

Song: AIOU

"Robot, I'd like you to meet Tree."  

"Tree, this is Robot. He's gonna be in charge from now on."


I look at you and I see 

That you are real 

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January Song: Pick-up truck 

Shot on iPhone 8

Song: Pickup Truck 

Hello and welcome back to my regular song blog. 2020 will be a year dedicated to sharing new music, culminating in a brand new album. Ideas for my new songs came from an…

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Australia: Super XX Man Talk About 

Super XX Man Vol. XVI Talk About

Overall, my time spent making music in Australia was amazing. I received a lot of support in Melbourne, for which I'm very thankful. Sorta Heavy Metal (see previous post) was featured many times…

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