Aloha and Merry Christmas

I went to Hawaii in search of Magnum PI. May have stumbled into Elvis when I bought this shirt. Went to the beach with my smart phone in my pocket. Went swimming. Left the beach without my smart phone in…

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Scott Songs: November 2018 

Song: Fixed

I took a collage approach to writing when I set the drums up in my studio for this song. I played along to a metronome set at four difference speeds to achieve four different potential frameworks…

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Scott Songs: October 2018 

Song: Packing up (Atari of my dreams)

I remember being a DJ at KZUU in Pullman, WA. The new music every fall was the best. Maybe that's why this particular season has always been a sentimental time for…

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Scott Songs: September 2018 

Song: The Ballad of Indy, Reggie, and the ancient cowbell

And then Lou Reed said, "Don't worry about the tempo. Just play." The cowbell held a sporadic groove and the lyrics were odd. I felt as if I…

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Scott Songs: August 2018 

Song: Green Mind

This month marks 8 months and 8 free songs I have shared. I have almost finished a whole reel of tape. Here's the story behind this month's cover song...

I was in bed, sick…

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Scott Songs: July 2018

Song: Worth a thousand words

One thing this monthly blog has taught me is I can't be afraid to try things in a new way. I really let this song develop and I think it shows. Early in…

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Scott Songs: June 2018 

Photo by Christina Wenger

Song: Wendell Gee (R.E.M. cover) 

If you know my music then you can no doubt hear the influence of early R.E.M. in my melodies, chord structure, rhythms, etc. The band still brings me…

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Scott Songs: May 2018 

Song: Buying up the greens

Last year at this time, I released my debut solo album called Little Tiny Things. It was recorded with some of my best friends down in Austin, TX. I know some of you…

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Scott Songs: April 2018 

Song: A reflection

I chased a lead on the internet the other day to look at a guitar. It sure looked great and I was hopeful it would be a new addition to my sound. While it failed to make…

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Scott Songs: March 2018 

Song: Jump (Van Halen)

I don't do a lot of covers. When I do I make every effort to have fun with them and make them my own. I will be honest with you and say flat…

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Scott Songs: February 2018  

Song: Love Creepin'

As a music therapist I get the pleasure of working with many different populations. One such group lives in residential care and they have various forms of dementia. I discovered I could hold their attention…

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Scott Songs: January 2018 Oz addition 

My good friend Warren Gardiner mastered "Everybody Knows This Year." Warren is a terrific engineer down in Melbourne, Australia. He and I worked on several projects over the years and I am happy to be working with him again to…

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