From ABBA to Jay-Z, now is your chance to learn your favorite songs on your favorite instrument. I have been a musician for over 30 years and have been successful teaching beginner to advanced students of all ages. I have the most expertise in the following: guitar, ukulele, bass, and keyboard. I also have experience in songwriting and music production. 

In a class with me, I will teach you basic chords and give you plenty of tips to get you playing immediately. I will teach you some basic music theory so that you have a foundation for understanding the music you are learning. 

There are lots of resources for learning how to play music on the internet, and I encourage you to explore as much as you can. What I want to offer you is personal and is based on your learning style and needs. This can be achieved through individual or small group lessons. My approach is different because it is tailored to you. It’s based on music you want to learn and we will collaborate to come up with learning goals that are achievable. 

Right now, I’m offering sliding scale lessons via Zoom conferencing. If you need an uninterrupted hour long lesson or a shorter 15 minute lesson we can find a schedule that fits your needs. 

Contact me for more information.