A punk band: Raspberry Part III  

Song: Girl


Recorded early 1994 in Spokane, WA at Jello Tree Studio by John Salvo. Co-released on Nervous Wreckords late 1994 as one of two songs from Side B of 7" record.  

I'll just let you ponder these lyrics for a bit:

Come around 'cause you know I'll be waiting, sitting on the toilet I'm singing about my town, just dying to impress you - mumble mumble mumble - you're taking this too hard... whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa girl that I can't have... even though the cousins of my elephants, sitting in the backyard singing about my town, starting to impress you - mumble mumble mumble (come on Shawn, learn to articulate!) - you're taking this too hard... whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa girl that I can't have... 

And with that, we close the one official vinyl release Raspberry ever had! There were three songs in total with cover art by Shawn Camp. We skipped Kinko's in favor of having the covers printed in Lewiston, ID by a pro. We lucked out because, although we budgeted for a lesser quality printing, the print-shop owner said "In the end I went with he higher quality because I thought it would look nicer - no extra charge!"

"Distributed by K" stickers were coveted; they meant the records were approved by the arbiters of taste at K. We wanted one. We stuffed the records in covers and plastic sleeves one summer day at my old upstairs unit in Pullman, WA. I think we wrote, in crayon, a letter to Calvin Johnson at K Records asking him to consider distribution. We received a letter back (maybe from Calvin) saying they would take so many copies. We got our sticker!

Technical Specs:  

Machine: Tascam MSR 16 1/2” with Soundtracs MRX 24x8x16 console; mixed to Tascam 32 two-track machine; backed up on DAT  

Microphones: AKG 414, EV RE-20, Sure SM57, Groove Tube MD 1a, various Audio Technica  

The room was a large spacious warehouse up a few floors from the street in downtown Spokane, WA.   

Special thanks to Warren Gardiner for mastering this track. You can find him at www.gardineraudio.com

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