Scott Songs: February 2018  

Song: Love Creepin'

As a music therapist I get the pleasure of working with many different populations. One such group lives in residential care and they have various forms of dementia. I discovered I could hold their attention and spark creativity in their lives by making up stories (very tall tales) usually centered around themes of family, fun, and love. These are not songs per say but rather... and then what happened? improvisations. I usually support their ideas with familiar songs and facilitate live music making with various percussion instruments such as tambourines, drums, and xylophones. After one of these days, I left work with this nugget of an idea. 

Technical Specs 

Machine: Tascam 388, bounced to Pro Tools First and back to the 388 for more tracking

Pre-amp: Art Tube Pre (the one with presets for about $75) 

Microphone: Cascade V57, Sure SM 58 

Ukulele: much beloved hand-me-down baritone from my mother back in the 1980s - no brand but a gem 

Lead Guitar: 1991 Gibson Les Paul standard through Fender Blues with a Comptortion pedal for overdrive

Rhythm Guitar: same Les Paul, same amp, Rocker Box vibrato pedal

Bass: 1970s Univox (Beatle copy) 

Drums: Buffalo frame drum, 1960s Ludwig snare and hi-hat with, brushes on hi-hats and sticks on snare w/ wallet for dampening

Keys: Korg Nano Key2, Yamaha console piano

Percussion: old wooden tambourine, wind chimes

Mixed at home and mastered by Warren Gardiner at Gardiner Audio in Melbourne, AUS. Please reach out to him if you are in need of mixing and mastering services. His rates are reasonable and he does excellent listening!

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