Scott Songs: January 2018

Song: Everybody Knows This Year

This song was written on New Year's Eve 2017, for many a 'crummy old year.' For me it was one filled with love and joy and everything good. Enjoy!

Technical Specs

Machine: Tascam 388, finished with Pro Tools First

Pre-amp: Art Tube Pre (the one with presets for about $75)

Microphone: AT 4033

Rhythm Guitar: 1963 Gibson B-25

Lead Guitar: same guitar mic'd across the bottom of a snare drum so as to add 'distortion' created by rattling snares

Bass: 1970s Univox (Beatle copy)

Drums: Buffalo frame drum, rim shot on 1960s Ludwig snare, brushes on hi-hats

Keys: Hohner melodica



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