Scott Songs: May 2018 

Song: Buying up the greens

Last year at this time, I released my debut solo album called Little Tiny Things. It was recorded with some of my best friends down in Austin, TX. I know some of you have it and I know some of you helped me raise money to release it. Thank you! One such person was Benjamin Peddle. In fact, he helped at such a seriously high level that I owed him an original song. Well, one year later, here it is. I've finally delivered! Thanks Benjamin for allowing me to share it this way.

I referenced Alameny Farmer's Market, which is California's oldest market. It's a beautiful little spot close to my neighborhood here in San Francisco. The song features a reoccurring theme for me and that is the idea of getting lost. I think what getting lost means to me is simply having alone time completely free of outside distractions. It shows up frequently in my songs because when I write and record a song I am completely free and lost.

Technical Specs    

Machine: Pro Tools First  

Pre-amp: Art Tube Pre (the one with presets for about $75) and Focusrite Scarlett 18i8   

Microphone: Audio Technica 4033  

Rhythm Guitar: Danalectro 12 String, 1963 Gibson B-25

Lead Guitar: Danelectro 12 String 

Bass: 1970s Univox (Beatle copy)    

Drums: 1960s Ludwig snare and off brand floor tom with a mallet, medium dark crash cymbal 

Keys: Korg SV-1 (organ setting)

Misc: recorder

Percussion: Ludwig tambourine with skin 

Mixed at home by myself and mastered by Warren Gardiner at Gardiner Audio in Melbourne, AUS. Please reach out to him if you are in need of mixing and mastering services. His rates are reasonable and he does excellent listening!

If you would like to purchase the Little Tiny Things album digitally or on LP please visit my bandcamp page.


I make these songs downloadable at no cost to you and I am proud of being a truly independent music artist. To keep this going, all I ask is that you share my music with someone you think will enjoy it. Please create a social media post and direct your friends to my website. Much appreciated, everybody.

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