Song 38: "Drunken Angel" 

Photo by Kelly West (taken while on tour in early 2000)

"Drunken Angel" is one of my favorite songs by Lucinda Williams. One reason why I like it is because it is about another one of my favorite songwriters -- Blaze Foley. He and Lucinda supposedly palled around Austin, TX together back in the day. 

Silver Scooter had a rule while on tour, and that was driver's choice when it came to the stereo, and we all took turns being driver and choosing the music. Consequently, the play list was pretty eclectic. The only album I remember every driver having in common was Lucinda Williams' 1998 masterpiece, Car Wheels On a Gravel Road. “Drunken Angel” is on this album, so that is another reason why I like it. It reminds me of that specific period of my life. 

My friend Jerry Kee played drums and organ on this track. All the music you are listening to on this blog has been mastered by Warren at Gardiner Audio. Thank you for your attention to detail Warren!

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