"Mayday Mayday I'm late with my April Post"  

Before COVID hit all of my music therapy works was, of course, done in person. It was intimate and special. I sat closely with the people I served and helped them play instruments by holding their hands so they could have success in making music, develop some motor coordination, experience being self-expressive, and feel something in their hand. Lots of reasons really. I've always been looking for ways to clone myself so that the music I wanted to use in a session could continue while I helped a person play an instrument. A few years ago I started composing my own music to accompany this type of "hand over hand" work.

Here's one called "Bass Groove (Cmaj.) 98BPM." 

In other news...

I was lucky a few months back and got to participate in a really fun live streaming concert hosted by High Plateau Productions. Perhaps you watched? During the concert I drew a name (actually a simple web app scrambled all the email addresses I received and did this for me) and that person received a physical CD, 7" record, LP of anything I still had copies of. So, congratulations Joel, you lucky new fan.

March Song: "Just get clean" (Remix by Remo) 

It's always wonderful to hear from someone wanting to collaborate on a project. Remo Zanin, a fan in Italy, first wrote to me in January:

"Hi Scott I really love your album Scott Volume 2! I like your "home recording approach" for me so similar to Sufjan Stevens. You got many beautiful songs. If in the future you want to collaborate with me I will be so happy. My name is Remo I am a freelancer sound engineer and musician. I would like to mix for free one of your song as a free sample if you want :)"

After some messaging back and forth, we agreed that my song Just get clean might make for a good remix. I sent him all of the tracks and he got to work. 

Remo has created a much darker track than I ever imagined. He stripped away the Casio drum beat and created a reverb-soaked electronic track that functions more like a dark reflection pool, occasionally breaking down in to sound collage and space sounds.

Did you know opioid overdoses continue to be a leading cause of death in the U.S. today? According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse there were over 70,000 drug-related deaths in 2019 alone. SAMHSA is a great resource for getting help with mental health and addiction issues. 

Happy to share this tune with you today in advance of its worldwide digital release on March 31st. Thanks for signing up on my mailing list and helping to spread the word through your social media channels. Much appreciated!

Pre-save the release today. 



February song: "I hope that I don't fall in love with you"  

While my available physical catalog of music is dwindling, my feelings about what I've produced are swelling. I feel blessed that I have made so much music and been fortunate enough to release LPs, CDs, cassettes (although none pictured here) and 7" records. And, while it may not be everything I've made it's what I have left without giving away my last copies. 

Grab a ticket for the upcoming Sunday, Feb. 28th High Plateau Productions Livestream and you will be automatically entered in a chance to win this bundle of music. You are already entered if you have already secured a ticket. NOTE: if the winner is over seas I will need to negotiate a shipping fee with you!


Silver Scooter Blue Law LP

Silver Scooter Other Palm Springs and Orleans Parish CDs

Scott Garred Little Tiny Things and Scott Songs Vol. II LPs

Scott Garred Scott Songs Vol. II CD

Scott Garred Silver Scooter 4-Track Demos double handmade 7"

Super XX Man Volumes IV, VI, VII, X, XIII, XIV CDs

Super XX Man Vol. III 7"

Regardless, this month's free song is a B side from the Little Tiny Things sessions. It's my take on Tom Wait's classic "I hope that I don't fall in love with you."

January Song: Live Stream Concert Announced  

Hi everyone! I'm partnering with High Plateau Productions for a special live stream concert on Sunday, Feb. 28 at 5pm PST. I'll be performing new songs from my latest release Scott Songs Vol. II and some oldies but goodies too. I've made a playlist on Spotify of all the possible songs I could be performing. You can help me choose songs to perform by emailing me here or commenting on social media. Please have a listen!

High Plateau Productions makes it possible for me to keep 100% of the ticket sales. This is a very generous model and they do a great job delivering a high quality live stream. Buy a ticket today and help make this a success. Tickets are $5. If you would like to also pick up an LP then consider paying $17 and I'll mail the LP to your door, postage paid. Purchase tickets here.

Finally, this month's free track is "He was gone." I'm sharing this one because my buddy Joe Salinas has directed a new video for it and it is lightening hot. It will be premiered later this month, along with an interview, by one of my favorite magazines, American Songwriter. Check their website on Jan. 27.

November song: "Make room for me" + Hangover session this weekend!  

Please make note of this upcoming live interview on this wonderful little radio station. My friend Alex Webber is having me on his program for a chat about all things music related. I'll be performing a couple songs and presenting a short playlist of songs that are helping me get through these shelter-in-place times.


Also, please check out this unreleased song originally intended to be on my new album Scott Songs Vol. II. When I first started making it I really loved the sounds and the idea. It just didn't make the cut. What's it about? I'll let you decide. Please discuss!

Rocktober song: Jump (Van Halen cover)  

I realize I already shared this song back in 2018 when I made it, but we just lost one of the great innovators of the guitar. Rest in peace, Eddie Van Halen. You will be missed.

Admittedly, I never learned a single Van Halen guitar riff until I was well into my 30s. And no it wasn't "Eruption." I was sitting with a resident of the Oregon State Hospital outside of what we called the Treatment Mall--an area of the hospital with various group therapies happening everywhere. This person didn't like groups, had an extreme social phobia. I think he joined our Working Together Band for maybe a full session once. He taught me the intro to "Hot for Teacher" as well as many other classics. I have him to thank for my current set of rock riffs. It was good solid therapeutic engagement for him and a huge thrill for me.

When I was a kid and Van Halen was HUGE, I would scour the heavy metal magazines in my dad's grocery store to look at pictures and read articles about my guitar hero. I wondered how it was possible that he married someone from a sit-com. When my space legos were done working hard all day in space, they blew off steam on my homemade concert stage. I made guitars and cymbal stands out of toothpicks and cut up paper plates. My space lego version of Van Halen's drums had a double kick, a thousand cymbals of various sizes and, of course, the guitars all had the stripes. They all plugged into a Panasonic RQ 2104. You can 'buy it now' on Ebay.

I had posters of Van Halen on my wall. I practiced drawing the cover of VH II all the time. Everybody could draw it better than me, I swear. Every once in a while I listened to AC/DCs Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap tape or Men at Work's Business as Usual. But I always went back to Van Halen and VH II. "Dance the Night Away" and "Jamie's Cryin" are two of my favorites. And the baby smoking a cigarette on the cover of 1984

So I wasn't surprised when one day at work I just started singing "Jump" to a simple I, IV, V chord progression not too unlike "La Bamba." It needed a little tweaking, so I worked on it later at home. Check it out. It kinda works I think, and while many might think this is tongue in cheek, it's a genuine tribute. It's a perfect pop song in Van Halen's hands anyway. 

My wife is in education. I think I'll cue up "Hot for Teacher" on my way to work.

September song: "Just get clean"  

Artwork by Nadine Garred

Here is the final album mix of "Just get clean." It's also the most recent single from the forthcoming album Scott Songs Vol. II, which is due out Nov. 21. I was originally inspired to write this song while listening to what seemed like endless stories about the opioid crisis, which is still a crisis, however overshadowed by other current events. There's a repetitive nature to the track, a driving artificial drum beat and chord progression. The narrator gets completely swallowed by a chorus consisting of Kelly Atkins and myself. A piano riff pulls everything back together and the guy decides he's ready to get clean.

I've always believed drugs love everybody. They do not discriminate. In fact a lot of times they just dominate.

In other news, I'll start doing limited #7songssundayat7 again via Facebook Live and Instagram Live. If you are not already following me, please do so now. That way you will never miss out on these fun little performances. These should start up again in October.

Please find me and follow me on your preferred streaming platform. This will be a huge help.

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July Song: "Cast a Spell" cover by some friends  

New music for you! Kind of...

I received the following email from a fan:

"Hopefully this is still your correct email and you receive this. My friend Cordon and I have been using this quarantine time to try out the collaboration feature in Garageband and work on some music together across the country. We started off by doing a few covers of your songs off of Volume 4 and think they turned out pretty decent for something recorded quickly on our iphones. We hope you enjoy them! 

Also just want to say that my wife and I are really enjoying your Sunday night shows. One of my favorite concert memories was your Vol. 5 release show where you set up the stage at the Hyde Park Theater to look like everyone was in your bedroom, and now you're able to do basically do that same type of show straight from your house. It's really amazing and is a refreshing way to finish off each week during these crazy times. Thank you!"

- Jason Brint

I'm pleased to announce that he's given me permission to share them with you. Download "Cast a Spell" now and head over to my Soundcloud page for the rest. Enjoy!

World Premier Video: "Dementia/Blue" 

I'm very pleased to share this brand new video created by my friend and collaborator, Kelly Atkins. The video features some archival public domain footage along with me providing music therapy services with Ann, a person who was living with dementia. It is the first of hopefully more videos from my brand new self-titled album, which will be released later this year. The album also features Kelly singing utterly beautiful and strange vocal harmonies. This album marks our debut collaboration.

The song is titled "Dementia/Blue" because it relates living with dementia to climate change. I picture our planet losing its memory just as a person with dementia does. 

Artwork by Nadine Garred

Please consider supporting me by pre-ordering an LP, CD, or digital download today. Learn more.

$25 dollars will get you a beautiful full color LP on splatter-colored vinyl, limited to 250. Postage is paid if you live in the U.S. The LP will come with a digital download as well as up to 5 extra songs not included on the album. In addition to this, you will receive a rare 5-song collection of largely unreleased material by my old band, Silver Scooter, including a cover of R.E.M.'s classic song, "World Leader Pretend," mixed and mastered from analog 8-Track by my friend Dave McNair. 

"Dementia/Blue Sky" Lyrics:

Close your eyes and laugh 

Close your eyes and smile a little longer 

Close your mouth and shout 

Close your mouth and sing a little longer 

Think of the blue sky and dream 

Be the world 


Be the world in ways you can remember 

Lose yourself 


Lose yourself 

Surrender anyway            

Think of the blue sky 

And dream

I was Ann's music therapist for a little over a year. She and I worked together until she passed away in 2018. She was a beautiful and amazing woman and her enthusiasm for life never left her. I want to thank her family for allowing me to use this footage.  

If you ever have questions about music therapy please don't hesitate to ask. You can also learn more by visiting The American Music Therapy Association website.