Time Capsule Post #1

Returning to music after a good chunk of time away, both from writing songs and the obligatory social media game, the past year – maybe a tad more – has been a reflective one. Now, gearing up to dive back into my musical journey, there are a few things on my plate.

First up, I plan to sort through and digitize over three decades' worth of memorabilia. You know, all those bits and pieces from releasing albums, hitting the road, spreading flyers, and endless hours spent recording – it's a trip down memory lane for sure. I will share what I feel is fun and informative.

At the same time, I'm itching to reconnect with all of you. There's this old Super XX Man album (Vol. XVIII: Carnation) from back in 2015 that's been gathering dust on the shelf. I plan to share a few songs from it, and who knows, there might be a few other surprises hiding in the recording bin that I've yet to discover.

But what's got me really excited is a new idea – let's call it "Anatomy of a Song" for now. I'm planning to take you behind the scenes of how I create music. Week 1 might be a raw iPhone recording, week 2 a rough draft, and if all goes well, week 3 could be a rough mix. It's for anyone who enjoys my music, makes music themselves, or just finds the creative process fascinating. Look out for posts named "Time Capsule," "Super XX Man Carnation," or "Anatomy of a Song." You'll catch on, I'm sure.

This week, I'm cracking open the "Time Capsule."

Here's what I found today: The original artwork (made by me - not a person who normally draws) of Super XX Man Vol. VIII It's a Super Double X Man Pizza. You can have a listen here. Just scroll down until you find it. Don't burn the roof of your mouth; it's a hot one, featuring an epic story about my grandpa.

By the way, I'm also experimenting with using Chat GPT to help me streamline the writing process and fix my grammar. I need an editor folks!

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