Time Capsule Post #4 

Jeff and I at the skatepark in Seattle, March 2022

I found something in the digital laundry bin the other day. It's a song called “Stove” by Eric's Trip, as covered by Jeff Albertson and me. I seem to recall being hard at work making my 50 Cover Songs project happen when I got a call from Jeff for a quick catch-up. We were talking about music, influences (maybe? I can't remember very well, but it seems reasonable), and, anyway, we got to talking about working something up together. It wasn't long after that conversation that I received the bass line, doubled vocal track, and guitar for “Stove." I thought, “Sweet! I can use this in my cover songs project." I got right to work on it. I tracked drums, vocals, ukulele, and piano. I mixed it and sent it back to Jeff. He loved it, and I quickly put it in the simmer pot. When it came time to review it for possible inclusion in my project, I couldn't find it anywhere! I asked Jeff, and he said, “No, haven't seen it.”

Years later, I found something called STOVE in my Google Drive. To be honest, I was too scared to open it, thinking it was just Jeff's original parts with no overdubs. I was pleasantly surprised to hear the full production open up in GarageBand when I downloaded it. I mixed it in GarageBand with the goal of making it really messed up. I sent it to Jeff again, and he said, “Sounds great, thanks for this. I love this version. I'm pumped!”

I've added it to the 50 Cover Songs album, which you can download over here.

I almost failed to mention that I used ChatGPT to help with grammar and cohesiveness.

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