Time Capsule Post #2

This year marks the 30th anniversary of recording music at home. Here's a picture I discovered of myself recording in my apartment on Main St. in Pullman, WA, probably around January or February of 1994. I recall having access to a fisheye lens from The Daily Evergreen at W.S.U., where I served as the photo editor. Somehow, I captured this early selfie.

Around the same time, I initiated recording my own songs using a 4-track recorder I received for Christmas. I owe a lot to my buddy Jeff Albertson; he demonstrated that it was possible to conceive ideas and transform them into completed songs, making my living space a recording studio. I still possess his first cassette tape, which I believe was titled “Live From the Launch Pad.”

I recently revisited the apartment, and remarkably, the exterior hasn't changed at all. Of course, my belongings are no longer inside. As I look around, I spot my guitar wall art pieces that I used to cherish, my old G.T. mountain bike, one of Shawn Camp's early works hanging from floor to ceiling, and a small hanging plant. I love thinking about the many musical moments spent there. It wasn't until I relocated to Austin, TX, that I founded Super XX Man, but many of the songs from that first cassette were recorded in this space.

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