Time Capsule Post #5

I've always loved opening the daily or weekly newspaper and finding a review of one of my albums. LOL, I believe these are the only two ever written for Super XX Man Vol. XIII White Bed. I loved this version of the band, and I love this album. Have a listen. It features Adam Mack on drums, Daren Claymon on bass, and eventually Tony Moreno on guitar - although he was not in the band for this album.

The songs comprised everything we had written and arranged together in Adam's basement rehearsal space. The songs were mostly about my dad's passing in 2008. It must have been 2009 when we got around to recording. We recorded it in Adam's kitchen and dining room when he and his wife, Shelly, were living in S.E. Portland. I did overdubs at my house. The very talented Bryan Daste played saxophone and pedal steel on a few songs. It was mixed by my friend and former bandmate, Tyler Mallory, and mastered by Dave McNair, Silver Scooter engineer, and co-producer. Thomas Metcalf did the artwork.

Probably the best-known song of the album is “Box Store” (Mitchell calls it “Big Box” in her review). This song would get a lot of stage time over the years, including a beautiful rendition by my friends Courtney Barnett and Jen Cloher - both live and in-studio.

I remember feeling a bit upset when I noticed the one review stating that this was a Tender Loving Empire release. However, it was not. They had actually passed on releasing the album, so I self-released it on my own dime.

P.S. ChatGPT made me a grammar sandwich.

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