Time Capsule Post #9

Here are a few photos of Silver Scooter recording our debut album, The Other Palm Springs, with Dave McNair. The recording took place in his Baylor St. home, which he rented with his then-wife, Robin. Dave is a legend in the industry, and our collaboration stemmed from a chance meeting while I was working at a local tape supply company. I was pleasantly surprised to discover his familiarity with the band and his eagerness to work with us.

We set up his 3M 24-track recorder (once owned by Frank Zappa, or so I was told), a 32-channel Mackie board, and all his outboard gear, along with a few very modest microphones, and proceeded to record. It took us weeks of on-and-off work before we realized we had something pretty good. The iconic cover is a very large painting created by our future band member, Shawn Camp, which still hangs in my music studio today.

Note: These sessions also yielded enough B-side material for a Crank! Records release, which was shared with the Omaha band, Cursive.

As a trio, Silver Scooter comprised John Hunt on bass, Tom Hudson on drums, and myself on guitar and vocals, roughly from 1995 to 1999. We morphed into a 4-piece before recording out last album. More on that later…

Thank you Chat GPT for editing my sloppy writing.

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