July Song: "Cast a Spell" cover by some friends 

New music for you! Kind of...

I received the following email from a fan:

"Hopefully this is still your correct email and you receive this. My friend Cordon and I have been using this quarantine time to try out the collaboration feature in Garageband and work on some music together across the country. We started off by doing a few covers of your songs off of Volume 4 and think they turned out pretty decent for something recorded quickly on our iphones. We hope you enjoy them! 

Also just want to say that my wife and I are really enjoying your Sunday night shows. One of my favorite concert memories was your Vol. 5 release show where you set up the stage at the Hyde Park Theater to look like everyone was in your bedroom, and now you're able to do basically do that same type of show straight from your house. It's really amazing and is a refreshing way to finish off each week during these crazy times. Thank you!"

- Jason Brint

I'm pleased to announce that he's given me permission to share them with you. Download "Cast a Spell" now and head over to my Soundcloud page for the rest. Enjoy!

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