Anatomy of a Song Post #2

As mentioned earlier, I've been working on new songs. A few weeks ago, I shared a snippet titled “Journey Begins.” One of the toughest parts of songwriting often revolves around committing to a structure and finalizing the lyrics. Typically, once the lyrics are completed, the structure falls into place naturally. If the lyrics still need refinement but are close, I can usually determine the final structure. If not, I start over!

For this particular song, I knew what I wanted to express and fortunately found the words without much difficulty. It was time to record. I should also mention that I prefer to record my songs as soon as they're finished. This approach keeps them feeling fresh and spontaneous.

I begin by setting a tempo and recording a basic acoustic guitar track. Guitar has always been my primary instrument, and I'm fortunate to have several acoustic guitars that record beautifully. I typically add a 'scratch' or 'guide' vocal to hear the melody and gauge the mood I'm creating, which helps me decide on additional overdubbed parts.

My go-to instruments include bass, guitar, keyboard, piano, and percussion. Here's what I have so far, excluding the 'scratch' vocal. By the way, I've temporarily named it “Projector.”

I'd appreciate any feedback you have regarding these Anatomy of a Song posts. Are they interesting to you? Let me know.

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