"Mayday Mayday I'm late with my April Post" 

Before COVID hit all of my music therapy works was, of course, done in person. It was intimate and special. I sat closely with the people I served and helped them play instruments by holding their hands so they could have success in making music, develop some motor coordination, experience being self-expressive, and feel something in their hand. Lots of reasons really. I've always been looking for ways to clone myself so that the music I wanted to use in a session could continue while I helped a person play an instrument. A few years ago I started composing my own music to accompany this type of "hand over hand" work.

Here's one called "Bass Groove (Cmaj.) 98BPM." 

In other news...

I was lucky a few months back and got to participate in a really fun live streaming concert hosted by High Plateau Productions. Perhaps you watched? During the concert I drew a name (actually a simple web app scrambled all the email addresses I received and did this for me) and that person received a physical CD, 7" record, LP of anything I still had copies of. So, congratulations Joel, you lucky new fan.

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