Brand new double 7" out now!

I finally cracked open a large box of personal recordings that I had been carrying around.  I discovered some cassettes marked Home Recordings Oct. and Dec. 1997.  I selected a tape from the pile, put it in my Yamaha MT4X, and was immediately transported back in time to a version of myself 20 years younger.  I don’t remember why I didn’t use these songs.  I created them too late to be on Silver Scooter’s debut album and quite possibly too late for the Super XX Man Vol. III 7”.  I do know this:  The songs were re-recorded for the second Silver Scooter LP Orleans Parish and Super XX Man’s Vol. IV CD.   

I am happy to make these rare gems available on this limited double 7” release.  Also included in this package via digital download are four songs from a 1997 Silver Scooter concert at Liberty Lunch in Austin, TX.  These bonus tracks are raw and good and true to what the band was… way way back.

Order your copy today from PIAPTK.COM

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