Carnation Post #1 

Before I get a few grinds in at the skatepark, I thought I would share a not-so-quick story with you. 

I was trying to login to the Super XX Man “artist” profile on Spotify the other day so I could check in on a few data points. Mostly, I just wanted to update the picture so that it was more representative of what Super XX Man has “looked like” over the years. The current band photo is horribly out of date and we all look airbrushed for some reason.

Except, I couldn't login. I wasn't the artist, Super XX Man.

Spotify: “We took a look at the info you gave us but can't confirm a connection between you and the artist you claimed.”

Me: “Thanks for writing. I don't think you really looked at my Instagram or reviewed my website. Google me for crying out loud. Super XX Man is the same person as Scott Garred. Check out my NPR Tiny Desk Concert and this American Songwriter article."

Spotify: “To give you some info, our verification team uses the content and email address dispayed on the social media pages and websites provided to ensure the requester is the artist or their direct management.”

Me: “Oh, so you don't care that I did a Tiny Desk Concert?”

After many emails going back and forth I decided on a new tactic. I reached out to Tender Loving Empire as they were the first organization to upload Super XX Man to streaming services. They wrote back - “Happy to help!” That failed even more. They were told to go back to square one and “claim the artist.”

Not my website. Not my social media sites. Not a former record label. And, not my name being linked to Super XX Man in major news outlets was enough to say, “Come on in Scott. Your Spotify artist login is ready and waiting for you…”

It was time to change tactics. I contacted my web hosting service to reactivate and prove to Spotify a thing or two. Except…

Web host: “Looks like you just need to have your domain pointed in our direction so we can get this going for you.”

Me: “Too easy!”

Domain host: “Sorry, it looks like you no longer own”

Me: “What?”

Domain host: “Yeah, a Mr. Fong owns it.”

Me: “What?”

There's been quite a few members of the old double x man band over the years, but I've never sung with a Mr. Fong. So, I entered and, sure enough, found out McKenzie Legal and Financial could offer all the consulting I needed. I knew someday the money hungry lawyers would tear apart Super XX Man. Maybe the double x man is dead.

I just couldn't give up. I had one last play. I bought the domain and was able to point it in the right direction, make my Instagram an obvious promotion hub for all things Super XX Man, and voila.

Spotify: “We've taken another look at your request and we've now granted you Spotify for Artists access to the Super XX Man profile.”

Why am I doing this? It just might be time to release some Super XX Man music. That's why. Back from the dead? Maybe. Now all I need to do is fix that band photo.

Here's an unreleased Super XX Man track for you. It's called “God Made Man.” It was recorded in early 2015 while house sitting for my cousin in Carnation, WA. Josh Woods plays bass. Darren Gallagher plays lead guitar. Warren Gardiner mixed it at Gardiner Audio in Melbourne, AUS.

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