Time Capsule Post #6 

Yesterday, I opened the closet door in my music studio. Holy crap! More memorabilia; and the worst kind of memorabilia - physical copies of just about every record I've ever made, including original cassette tapes of Super XX Man Vol. I and Vol. II. I'm torn about this stuff. Do I keep it or throw it away? Who needs 20 CDs of Silver Scooter's second album, Orleans Parish? Okay, I agree that “Tribute to the Phone Calls” is a great song, but come on, it's out there streaming if you want it, right?

This all leads to the question for me: Will CDs be like LPs are now? Does anyone say, “I love opening the jewel case, reading the liner notes, and setting the disc in the tray?” I mean, they sound great for sure!

I guess I'll just ask you. Does anyone need a physical copy of Vol. V? Vol. IV? Blue Law? Let me know. And, please shoot me an email and tell me what you are doing with all your old CDs.

Just for fun, here's an early demo of “Tribute to the Phone Calls” for you.

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