newness and collaboration

While I definitely have enough old punk material to close out 2019, I just don't feel like sharing it anymore. So, thanks for listening and downloading the Raspberry stuff. Other old bands I was in will have to stay in the box. Besides, I was starting to feel like that guy at the party who shares too much and who makes you think, "Gosh when is he going to shut up?" And truthfully, I just don't think I stand by some of my old work any longer. So, here's to newness . . . and collaboration if you feel so inclined. 

I'll be working on new songs for the remainder of the year, and I am hoping you will share in the creative process. I'll be posting snippets of ideas and inviting you to contact me to say, "I'd like to help with that one." It's true I could just simply do this alone, but I think it might be more fun and help build community if you come along with me. 

I have never felt more creative. Perhaps it's just because I'm more grounded than ever and I have this studio space to create in, thanks to my beautiful and generous wife, Christina (she took the photos on my site too). Perhaps it's just my way of making sense of this world we all share today.

This first song is one of many I plan on writing about serious issues popping up in the current world landscape. It's about artificial intelligence (AI) and all that it promises and all that we hope it brings to the table. Will AI make our lives better? I'm not sure, but I do think the right collaborator could help me make the song better. So, step up to the plate, reach out to me, and let's make a song!

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